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TorraMór is a clothing company built on passion and understanding of what people really want from wet weather gear and outdoor apparel. 

About Us

Here at TorraMór we are all about finding advanced solutions for the British country market. Our clothing range provides high-quality performance outdoor gear, that is adaptable for all terrains and endures for many seasons. With a deep-rooted pride for our British landscape, each garment we manufacture is inspired by our devotion to the countryside and backed by quality innovative British materials. With our fresh new design angles and research into the latest ergonomic styles, we pride ourselves in being a strong, dependable brand that caters to all. We truly believe that your lifestyle should have no limits, and your clothing should back you all the way.

Pioneered outdoors in the wild Scottish Highlands, TorraMór is more than just a brand, it is a mindset. Created by grafters, who step away from the norm and pave new pathways. This is a brand that is all about the people and we are a tribe, with a passion to make a difference at its core.

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Giving Back
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers garments of the highest quality, manufactured in Britain to the highest standards. As farmers ourselves we know how hard the country sector works, and our drive is to build an exceptional product, that we can rely on everyday.

From the initial conception of TorraMor we have been continually striving to develop the perfect outdoor clothing range for the British countryside, to meet the needs of ourselves and now our growing Tribe. We are an innovative and forward thinking brand and are keenly focussed on supporting our customers in their next adventure, whether it be work or play focussed.


Through personally testing our products to the extreme before launch, we guarantee their performance every time. It is our mission to bring our customers the highest quality garments, manufactured in Britain to the highest standards.

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