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Our Sustainability Promise

As regenerative farmers ourselves and winners of UK Soil Farmer of the Year 2020, our impact upon the land and the ecosystem is core to our values and we needed a manufacturing partner with values to match. That’s why we’ve teamed up with trusted British manufacturers, who thrive for sustainable production within their businesses. By using recycled material and organic cotton we ensure natural solutions for our technical apparel, creating products that are both beneficial for people and the environment.

As a brand, we are continuously striving for better. With nature our hero, our clothing range is all about working in harmony with our surroundings and backing that with our sustainability promise. By bringing our customers a British manufactured garment, we substantially reduce our travel miles on the garment you wear. 


Sustainability isn’t just in our clothing it’s in our way of life and taking a long-term view with our clothing and supporting slow fashion and not fast, we leave a legacy for the next generation and we’re proud that that legacy is 100% British

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British Manufacturing

We were lucky enough to find a small-scale UK-based manufacturer of high-quality outdoor gear, who was willing to talk to us about specifically what we needed. Their ethics matched ours and with environmental challenges at the forefront of country living at present, it made sense to us to manufacture within Britain.

"This is what we’d been waiting for and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of the revival of the British clothing industry, proudly supplying the Agricultural and Country sector with TorraMór" – Jane Brewster

Fast forward to now and the TorraMór tribe is proud to bring a multifunctional tough and durable range to the marketplace, made from an ultimate British manufactured robust material and layering system. Every garment ensures that form follows function, catering to the needs of our customers.

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