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About The Founders

The brand TorraMór was founded in 2021 by Jane and Alex Brewster on their family farm in Highland Perthshire, after a need for high-quality wet weather gear for their team. Jane a practicing architect and farmer's daughter from Morayshire and Alex Brewster a third-generation farmer, have been nurturing the landscape at Rotmell Farm in the Tay Valley, Perthshire for many years. In 2021, after years of searching for the ultimate jacket to take on the harsh Scottish climate, they quickly found that there was a gap in the market for a British manufactured brand, and TorraMór was born.


As a brand, we wanted to create something that could withstand rural land use at a standard we were proud of. The countryside can be a tough environment to work in, with long days out on the hill, early starts and late finishes with all kinds of weather coming at you, and we wanted to give our team and customers something that would take the weather out of the equation, allowing them to thrive in their everyday.

From working the landscape, ourselves as farmers, we know that clothing is the first line of defence when taking on the elements, so we wanted to create a range that was fit for the UK environment instead of importing something that was designed for the southern hemisphere. It became apparent quite quickly that British options were limited. 


"So, we started looking for someone we could partner with to make gear specifically for our needs, with our design input, that would keep us warm and dry on the hill, but not get in the way of the job. We needed to be protected from the elements but find the clothing easy and comfortable to wear.” – Alex Brewster

This journey has resulted in what we believe is the perfect clothing range with universal appeal. 

Our Tribe

We’re proud to say that every garment we bring to the market has been built by our tribe. Our team have been paramount in the development of TorraMór and for us, it is all about empowering others, in their daily and working lives. We wanted every garment to be a joy to wear, that’s why it was of the utmost importance that we involved our team on the ground. They are out in the elements daily, so it was essential for us to find out what they wanted from their clothing. Throughout the development process, we’ve received real-life feedback on all aspects of the garments, helping to establish the best locations for key features.


Our team has rigorously put TorraMór’s clothing to the test, throughout every season, 365 days of the year. It has been trailed in the harshest of environments and beaten every weather. This has been a process, but we are honoured that TorraMór is the garment that our team pulls off the peg every day.

The TorraMór tribe loves the landscape, nurtures its values, and embraces adventure. We wanted to create a brand that said this is us, the UK country sector, woven together by all different walks of life, but with British heritage and its landscape at its core.

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